Hints for Collecting

I have a particular segment that I did once, which there is a link to.  I wanted to do this page, so I can continually add more information.  The key objective is to link to all internal sections of my blog to this when I mention finding anything book, movie, or collection needs.


Amazon is still the cheapest for the most part.  If there are sales some where else, and you are not part of Amazon Prime.  Also there might be DVD’s that can not be found on Amazon.

  • Internal
  • External
    • General
      • IMDB – A great resource when looking for titles of shows or movies. Production/Distributors
      • Amazon
      • Albris
    • Film Production/Distributing Companies
      • WB Shop – I have not ordered a DVD from the WB shop, yet.  However, I did find a couple of movies that I would have liked to purchase for my wife, and then I typed in the URL to Amazon, which they had them.  The DVDs were significantly cheaper.  This site was good for movies from the 60s to the 90’s that one could have forgotten.  A cool feature was the DVD made to order.  Highlighted movies/shows Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Batman, Superman, Scooby-Doo, Looney Tunes, and Vampire Diaries
      • Sony Pictures –  Sony is very clumsy as user friendly goes, but can be helpful when looking for titles to remember.  Sony spotlights current movies.
      • CBS Store – Mainly, TV shows, and did not order from them.  The user will have an easy time to search.  When looking for older TV shows click the classics.  Highlighted shows Twilight Zone, Star Trek, and Andy Griffith.
      • Magnolia Pictures –   This is another site that purchasing does not work, but finding recent to their archived DVD titles.  There are links for both, and easy to find.
        • Magnet Releasing –   Magnet is a subsidiary of Magnolia Pictures.  Magnet is more for foreign releases, there is a different website.  However, when looking at archives or new movies the lists are similar.  I do not know at this point if there are changes.
      • Digiview – Digiview is out of business, so there is not an official website.  Some of the remnants of their DVDs can be found on Amazon.  Digiview was the company that took public domain TV shows, and movies and sold them for a dollar at Wallmart and dollar stores. 
      • Lionsgate –  The largest independent  distributor/producer of the cinema, which started in 1997.  They have gobbled up or purchased parts of the leading independent studios.  They have
      • Sonar Entertainment – After the bankrupt Hallmark Entertainment struggled out of bankruptcy the company changed it’s name to Sonar Entertainment, and before Hallmark Entertainment there was RHI Entertainment.  They were bought out by Hallmark.  Hallmark wanted a movie production company to make sappy made for TV movies.
        • Hallmark Entertainment
          • RHI Entertainment
      • Cabin Fever Entertainment – Cabin Fever Entertainment was a movie distribution company with a product like The Little Rascals.  They became defunct around 1997.
      • Mills Creek Entertainment – They have been around since 2002 delivery the multi-packs of mostly public domain videos.  (Hey why not, I own a couple of them.)
      • A&E
      • Mirmax
      • Funimation
        • Gonzo
      • Discotek Media
      • Aniplex
      • Gaiam (Yoga Videos)
        • Goodtimes
      • Disney Store: Movies
      • Hit Entertainment




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