Debut Time for Straw Hats (1966)

Debut Time for Straw Hats

Debut Time for Straw Hats (1966) from the Knickerbocker and Albany, NY. At the library I was swishing through the microfilm looking for a particular article. This was not the article, although the discussion of straw hats definitely caught my eye.

This tells me some things about May 1966.  First, men used to wear straw hats, and not just the very old men, but a lot of men. Apparently, this has been popular at the earliest from the 1920’s through the late 1960’s. Being that I am only getting this from one article. I am sure the numbers could be expanded on both sides. Second, the weather affected the economy and social behavior involving straw hats. Third, there were at least five different shapes of straw hats, the “boater,” “skimmer”, the “surfer”, the “katy,” and the “mustang.”  Fourth, there were variations of colors. The natural color of the straw was merged with blue, gold, and olive. Fifth, the 1920’s were the “heyday” of the straw hats with the styles like the “boater” and “skimmer.” Sixth, the internet did not cause fluff articles as the internet nay-Sayers would like you to believe.

The orginal article that I was searching for was discovered five minutes later, and emailed to the patron.



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