Classically trained as a librarian (huh)!  Yes, well, I guess.  I am a scholar and educator of information.  My interests vary from being a father, to all sorts of hobbies.  A discussion about sports, go ahead.  A discussion about politics, go ahead.  What about a discussion about movies and film?  Yes, go head.  What about an in-depth discussion about science or math.  Well, I will listen, and ask some questions.

In many ways, I am a hobbyist.  I like to have collections.  Maybe, a level one hoarder (I am referencing a scene where Dr. Sweets explained  a level one hoarders to Booth)?  This is going to be a great a focus, and go into great details of the collection and maintaining certain collection

I have extensive interests in genres, and I will devolve those interests.  Please, do not expect movie review after movie review.  Yes, there will be some of those, but nothing up to date.  I do not have the time to go see the newest movie, but I like discovering older ones.

Here is the deal majority of my posts after the Barry Bonds, Hall of Fame, The Asterisk , and Stats segment  will be heavily sited and for the most part, in APA style.  When research is needed the dependence on Wikipedia and other wiki styled hybrid sites will be a good starting point, but will not be the major source.  There will be a need to strive for primary sources, and news sources to piece the past together.

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I have a wonderful job and plan on staying, but projects that seems appropriate, which I am more than willing to consider.
One of the projects that I want to do is creating a top notch Pinterest boards on the subjects that I love.
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One thought on “Introduction

  1. Wow – you are quite overwhelming. I have not but a bucket of brains and nickles worth of knowledge. I have written a Wizard of Oz tale from Toto’s Perspective ( and was researching nationalities that might be interested. It led me to your Wizard of Oz tree! I thought my version of Toto’s Tale was the only one!

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